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Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Looking for a custom centerpiece that adds some drama and has a small footprint? Consider these Wine Bottle Centerpieces that can be modern/minimalist or dressed up and glam!

A Tale of Two Bottles:


Popping Bottles: 50th Birthday Celebration! We spray painted the wine bottles gold. After the paint dried, we used these Avery Arched Wine Bottle Labels that featured the party theme, event details and date. We inserted a lighted cork into the bottle and staggered clear ornament balls using a cut wire coat hanger threaded thru the loop used to hang the ornament. We bent the end of the wire sticking out of the top of the bottle to keep the balls in place, if the table is bumped or the bottle is knocked over.

Dinner en Blanc Birthday Party! For this breezy late summer-evening white party, we kept the wine bottles clear and used the Avery Arched Wine Bottle Labels with the Party Theme featuring the Birthday Girl! Guests were encouraged to tap into their creativity by decorating their table in White! We opted for a minimalist design so that the centerpiece would blend in and provide ambient lighting from the cork light for this elegant outdoor event.

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