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This Coffee May Be Spiked Mug

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Dollar Tree had these great oversized mugs in stock in a diagonal two-tone of pink and white. The diagonal line for the two colors makes a great guide for the spikes trim.

This spiked coffee mug is an inexpensive and unique gift that can be used as a planter, filled with tea bags and treats, and more...

The mesh spikes add some edge to the delicate pink and white two-tone mug. The spike rows can be easily cut with scissors to fit the space that you want to decorate. The mesh holding the spikes together is pliable and can easily wrap around the surface of the mug.





1. Cut out sections of the mesh spikes in rows of two, enough to wrap around the diagonal stripe of the mug on both sides.

2. Use a line of E6000 on the back of the spikes and a line of hot glue on the mug for approximately same length. Continue in small sections, holding the spikes in place on the mug for a few seconds to help adhere to the mug. Note: Dollar Tree has these silicone finger protectors that are great when using hot glue. Continue this process until you completely wrap the spikes around the diagonal guide on the mug.

3. At the point where the diagonal line is is the steepest (the front of the cup), use rows of 2 spikes and adhere to the mug, as shown in step 2 all the way to the handle. Follow the same steps to add spikes along the dividing line on the back of the mug to the handle. Basically, wherever the pink and white tones meet, add 2 rows of spikes along the line.

4. Use small dots of E6000 to adhere the rhinestones and the flat pearls to the mug. Don't over do the glue in this step, you do not want extra build-up of glue around the stones. Taking your time here, makes it easier to clean.

5. For the handle, cut a row 2 spikes of the mesh spikes, enough to wrap around the handle. Use the same process in step 2 to attach the spikes. Try to center the spikes on the handle.

6. Add the rhinestones and the pearls on either side of the spikes on the handle using the same process in steps 4.

7. Let the mug dry and cure over night. You can give it a coat of mod podge (on the stones only), to provide some additional sealant.



The 4 mm rhinestone trim fits perfectly in between the rows of the spikes! If you want to add a little bit of "glam" to the mug, use the E-6000 to adhere the rhinestone trim in between the spike rows. You can also do a single row of spikes instead of 2 rows and wrap the rhinestone trim around each spike (a little more tedious). There is an example below using green mesh spikes! I did a single row on the handle and wrapped faux pearls in between each spike with E-6000.

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