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2020 Vision Project is underway!

IDoGraphx is celebrating female small business owners and the 100 year anniversary of Women's Voting Rights via the 2020 Vision Project!

Small businesses rarely have a large advertising/marketing budget, we rely on word of mouth and support from people like YOU! Let's show the participants in the 2020 Vision Project some love and support so that they can continue to prosper during this difficult time.

Starting today, October 5, 2020 thru Friday, October 9, we will:

  • profile a business participating in the 2020 Vision Project

  • describe their products/services

  • provide contact information

  • introduce the Diva Double Wine Glasses created by IDoGraphx

We took the small business owners photo, logo, their fave colors and designed their wine glass! The Wine Glass comes with a matching coaster, packaged in a clear box, with a feather boa and a gift tag. Makes the perfect gift and is totally unique!

Like, Follow, and Share:

We want to spread the word and make sure that our social circles support these fierce and fabulous small business owners! As an added incentive, one of the five participants in the 2020 Vision Project in the month of October will receive a "Brand Nip/Tuck Make-over" worth up to $500 from IDoGraphx! This can include branded merchandise, web development, graphic design, and much more!


When a profile picture is posted via Instagram, do the following:

  1. Like their 2020 Vision Profile Post

  2. Follow the profiled business and IDoGraphx on instagram

  3. Share their profile with your social circle

  4. Bonus Points: Post a picture with a product/service from the featured business with the #2020VisionProject[the profiled business name will be added here], for example: #2020VisionProjectIDoGraphx

The winner will be announced on November 1, 2020.

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